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Conduit Mission


Founded in 2007 by Darren Tyler, Conduit Mission is dedicated to enabling individuals to make a significant impact. Over the years, they've served as a conduit for nearly 1000 missionaries, channeled millions towards various humanitarian projects, and focused efforts on freeing slaves globally. Partnering with The Westberry House, Conduit Mission utilized impactful videos to showcase their work, successfully raising millions of dollars and building trust with donors, ultimately expanding their outreach to serve more people in need.



Conduit Mission focuses on impoverished rural villages in Uganda where children lack access to education, healthcare, clean water, and face the dangers of pagan religions and child sacrifice. Committed to the command of Jesus to go to the ends of the earth, Conduit Mission invests heavily in these neglected areas, driven by love and a desire to make a significant impact for the least of these.

The organization on four human essentials: School, Health, Church, and Clean water

opperation freedom

Operation freedom

In Asia, over 4.5 million people, including women and children, are estimated to be trapped in slavery, often due to medical debts from life-saving procedures. Through partnerships with local pastors, Conduit Mission discreetly secures freedom for these individuals, preventing them from falling back into slavery. Many are forced to work in brick kilns to repay their debts, which become insurmountable due to additional charges, fines, and interest, and can even be passed down to their children.



In Nepal, where the Christian faith can be a death sentence in rural areas, Nepal Community Transformation operates similarly to other regions where Conduit Mission is active. Despite the risks, they teach radical ideas of loving neighbors, valuing human life, and serving one another. As a result, malnutrition fades, stomach diseases decrease with access to clean water, and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies, and child marriages dramatically decline, empowering families to provide for themselves.

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