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Dare to Dad


Commissioned by Save the Storks and produced by Matt Hammitt, this project specifically targets new, unplanned fathers. The primary objective is to develop a series of video testimonials that align with a 7-day course written by Matt Hammitt. The aim is to provide hope and guidance to young fathers who find themselves navigating the challenges and responsibilities of fatherhood. The testimonial series, accompanied by the course, serves as a resource to support and empower these fathers during a time when they may feel overwhelmed. The overall goal is to offer encouragement and practical advice as these individuals embrace their role as fathers.

In order to provide a diverse range of perspectives and relatable stories, we reached out to a variety of men from different walks of life. Our aim was to gather wisdom and insights that would resonate with the target audience. We specifically sought men from various racial backgrounds whose stories would align with the topics covered in each chapter of the course. By including a diverse group of voices, we aimed to ensure that the experiences shared would be relatable and meaningful to the young fathers seeking guidance. This approach promotes inclusivity and acknowledges the unique challenges and journeys faced by individuals from different backgrounds.

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