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Franklin Rodeo


The Franklin Rodeo, one of the oldest and largest rodeos in the East, faced unprecedented challenges when the pandemic forced its closure in both 2020 and 2021. As the time for reopening approached, the rodeo was determined to make a bold statement. We created a series of videos to build anticipation and excitement leading up to the main event.  

In 2023, the stakes were raised. The Franklin Rodeo planned to introduce cutting-edge pyrotechnics and mesmerizing lasers to elevate the experience and thrill the crowd like never before. Our task was simple, build the excitement. 

Additionally, was also wanted to pay tribute to the community that supports the rodeo. So we developed a community-focused film featuring various individuals from Franklin. 


2022 Franklin Rodeo Series

opperation freedom

2023 Franklin Rodeo Openner


We Are Rodeo

Features various individuals in our community, from first responders to teachers. All are dedicated to serving the Franklin community. This video shows that we all embody the heart and spirit of rodeo. 

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